During the 2018 midterms, a Massachusetts law that protects transgender people in public places was in danger of being repealed, all while transgender rights around the country were being threatened.

To connect with a large faction of voters who may not relate to the transgender community, we took what is commonly a term of contempt for MA residents and flipped it into a pride point about championing civil liberties. Sure, we may be Massholes, but we’d never take away our neighbors’ freedoms. We’re no assholes.

Launching just days before the election, our social film, landing page, social posts and posters, provided a provocative rallying cry that urged voters to “Be a Masshole and Vote Yes on 3.” And in the end, a bunch of Massholes kept the anti-discrimination law in place with 68% of the vote, making a statement to the rest of the country.

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