Chicago was the first major city I lived in and to say I was thrown back by the amount of homeless people on the streets, asking for help, is a bit of an understatement. One of the biggest things that stuck out to me was how desensitized the public was to it. I was broke, but I wanted to help. So, I set out to see if calligraphy could have an impact on people in the one platform even more ignored than advertising. Each week I went out and met someone new, listened to their story and spent the week hand lettering a new sign for them. Once I delivered the signs, I would wait a week and then interview them again to see if the sign made any sort of noticeable difference. I detailed all of my encounters and uploaded them to a Tumblr site, which you can view by clicking on the photo below.

While the project was never intended to make headlines, it got picked up by the press from Chicago to Italy. 




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